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Handyman Services, Seal Pavers, Driveways, Pool Deck

Surface Cleaning & Pressure Washing Call (239) 344-0013

Stripping & Sealing Driveway Pavers, Pool Decks, Pressure Washing, Surface Cleaning & More!

Stripping and sealing is necessary sometimes if there is to much sealant down, discolored and yellow or pealing. The pictures below are from Estero, Fl.

Before Picture

1.) This Is A Before Picture of A Driveway That Had Two Much Sealant On It & Needed To Be Stripped, Cleaned & Sealed..

Same driveway After.

2.) This Is After We Stripped Off All Old Sealer And Re-Sealed With A Semi-Gloss Two Part Epoxy.Then Re-Seal One Coat Every Two Years With Same Sealant.

3.) This Is The Sealed Entry of Same Home.

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What Is Efflorescence?????

Efflorescence is caused when soluble salts and other water dispersible materials come to the surface of concrete and mortars. It's induced by low temperatures, moist conditions, condensation, rain, dew, and water added to the surface of fresh concrete to assist troweling.

Is there a “whitish cloud” covering your beautiful new pavers???

Efflorescence will most likely disappear within the first year of installation…

Most concrete paver manufacturers have attempted to control the problem of efflorescence by using an admixture in their products.

More information about efflorescence

Efflorescence is normally white and shows up more on darker colors than white or light gray because of the contrast.

More information about efflorescence

The most usual reaction occurs when calcium hydroxide (lime) formed in the.... More information about


Pressure Washing

We Pressure wash , Homes, Buildings, Drive ways, Garages, Pool Decks, Pool Screens, side walks and much more. We have products that we use to remove Oil, Tar and Grease. Concentrated cleaner that removes sprinkler mold, mildew, rust and fertilizer stains.

Surface Cleaning

Surface Cleaning, Pressure washing of all drive ways, pool decks, side walks and much more just give us a call today for a free estimate.

We use products that can clean seal protect and provide a non-slip additive for texture decks, natural stone, pavers, concrete ect...

The Finished Look

This is a finished driveway we did with a semi-gloss cobble Loc sealer which will last two years.

Bonita Springs, FL.

15 Year Old Pavers That Have Never Been Sealed Ever. A Lot of Damage from The Sun, Trees, Cars & Weather.

1.) This Is A Picture of Cobble Stone Paver Driveway Before We Cleaned, Stripped & Sealed It.

2.) This Is The Same Area After We Finished & Sealed It With A Semi-Gloss Two Part Epoxy Sealant.

Before & After Pictures of The Same Multi Colored Pavers. We First Sprayed Industrial Cleaners for Mold & Mildew, Hard Water Stains and Oil Spots.

Guy & Gal's Stripped, Surface Cleaned, Pressure Washed and Sealed it with A Two Part Epoxy Industrial Sealant and Brought This Driveway Back to it's Original Beauty.

Pool Deck In Estero, FL.

1 Year Old Never Been Sealed.

1.) Before we cleaned it and sealed it with Cobble Impregnator.

2.) After we Sealed It.

We Use Quality Products For Our Customers!

We use SurfaceLogiz Cleaners, Sealers on our job sites. The high technology is great products so we can give great customer satisfaction. We use it to take off Rust stains, grease, oil, tree sap, water stains and fertilizer stains. Watch video below. For more information about SurfaceLogix Products or Purchase Them Click Here!!!

Cobble Oxide

This Is A Demonstration of SurfaceLogix Cobble Oxide Products We Use For Our Customers.

Bonita Springs, FL.

1.) Before & After Pictures of Multi Colored Pavers in Bonita Springs, FL. This is the Front Entry Way. This Is Before We Stripped, Cleaned & Sealed.

We Use A Two Part Epoxy Sealant Semi-Gloss. We also cleaned all the Hard Water Stains from The two Columns and restored this entire Entry Way Back to it's Original Beauty.

Golden Gate, FL.

1.) In Front of Garage Doors Before We Did Anything.

2.) Kevin Applying The Second Coat Of Sealant.

3.) Same Area After Sealant Was Applied.

Before Picture of Pavers With Efflorescence!

After Picture of the Same Pavers after cleaned, dyed and sealed.

Cobble Impregnator gives Pavers, Rock and Other Natural Stones No Sheen. All natural look only. It seals from the inside out with no gloss does repel water if it rains or gets wet.

Bonita Springs, FL.

14 Year Old Pavers That Hadn't Been Re-Sealed For 8 Years With Multiple Layers of Sealant, mold & Mildew.